Recognition of service eligibility

​Who receives service recognition?

Eligibility for service recognition is determined on an annual basis by the People Division within the Department of Education and Training. It is calculated using data generated by eduPay and moderated by the Conduct and Ethics Committee. All employees of the Department, both school-based and corporate staff, are eligible for service recognition. Staff are generally notified of their eligibility for service recognition through a personal letter from the Minister for Education. Staff are then formally invited to the presentation ceremony, which is usually held in July of each year.

Recognition of Service awards comprise the total service employed with the department less any periods of leave without pay taken and less any unemployment periods (i.e. where there have been breaks in service).  Service with any other agencies is counted for the purpose of service awards with the department, including any service with other agencies that has been approved for long service leave purposes.  Also, any break in service in excess of 12 months for public service employees or five years for teaching service employees will not be counted for the purpose of service awards with the department (i.e. only the most recent period of service following any such break would be considered).

Upcoming ceremonies

Ceremonies recognising 35 years of service are held annually in all regions across the state from May to August. For more information about 35 year ceremonies, please email

Staff who are eligible for recognition of service for 40, 45, 50 and 55 years, are recognised at a central Recognition of Service presentation ceremony held in Melbourne, in July.  For more information, please email