Report abuse if you're a current or former student

​Student safety and wellbeing is our highest priority. If you have experienced any form of abuse as a student at a Victorian government school, we encourage you to report this behaviour to the Department so that we can take appropriate action.

If you are a current student, we encourage you to report to your school or to your relevant regional office. If you are a former student, we encourage you to make contact with the school where the incident occurred, or the closest Department office.

Report to the police

To report abuse at a Victorian government school, or if you are concerned that you or another person is at risk of abuse or otherwise in danger you should contact one or more of:

  • Victoria Police on Triple Zero (000) if the risk is immediate
  • Your local police station or Victoria Police Sexual Assault and Child Abuse Investigation Team (SOCIT) - see Find your local SOCIT
  • SANO Task Force - SANO was established by Victoria Police to investigate historic and new allegations of child sexual abuse - see SANO Task Force

The counselling assistance program

In certain circumstances the Department offers financial assistance for counselling to former students who report having been abused at a Victorian government school. These payments are known as counselling assistance payments. The purpose of the payments is to assist survivors of sexual abuse to access appropriate therapeutic services, without having to file legal proceedings or lodge a negligence claim.

You can apply by emailing 

Accepting an offer of counselling assistance payments will not prevent you from seeking compensation or bringing a legal claim against the Department.

Lodge a claim with the Department

If you have suffered a physical or psychological injury as a result of your treatment at a Victorian government school and you believe that the Department is at fault, you may wish to lodge a claim for compensation. 

If you would like to make a claim, it is suggested that you first seek independent legal advice about your options.

If you would like to make a negligence claim of find out about the process, please see Negligence claims process.