Report fraud or corruption

If you have knowledge or reason to believe a departmental employee, contractor or service provider has been involved in fraudulent or corrupt conduct, you should report it as a complaint or a public interest disclosure.

Make a complaint

Anyone can report suspected fraud and corruption to the Department’s Fraud and Corruption Control Manager by phone 03 7022 0121 or email

You can also raise your concerns with an appropriate manager. If you are an employee and your concern is about your manager, then you can approach the manager above. Deputy Secretaries manage complaints about Executive Directors.

Employees of the Department who don’t feel comfortable raising their concerns directly with the Department can contact the Speak Up service, an externally hosted 24 hour hotline that will prepare a summary of your report to forward to the Department’s Fraud and Corruption Control Unit on your behalf.

To reach the Speak Up service, phone 1800 633 462, email or visit the Speak Up service online.

You can also make a report of suspected fraud or corruption to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission (IBAC) on 1300 735 135

Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012

The Public Interest Disclosures Act 2012 (formerly known as the Protected Disclosure Act 2012) ensures that people who report improper conduct and corruption in the Victorian public sector (whistle-blowers) can do so in the knowledge that they will be protected.

Protections include keeping the identity of the person reporting improper conduct confidential and protecting them from reprisals including bullying, harassment or legal action.

If you would like to make a public interest disclosure or for more information contact:

  • the Department’s public interest disclosure officers in the Fraud and Corruption Control Unit on 03 7022 0121 or email
  • IBAC on 1300 735 135.

Employees may also make a disclosure to their manager or to the manager of the person they wish to complain about.

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