Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017

​​​The ​​Education and Training Reform Regulations 2017​ are made under the Education and Training Reform Act 2006 and prescribe to matters relating to:

  • government school education (including admission, attendance and age requirements)
  • government school councils (including meetings, membership and accounting requirements)
  • parents' clubs and fundraising for government schools 
  • registration of schools (including minimum standards and application requirements)
  • home schooling (including registration, learning areas, learning plan requirements, reviews and cancellation requirements)
  • registration of education and training organisations (including minimum standards for senior secondary courses and criteria for registration)
  • consumer protection in the vocational education and training sector
  • the role of VRQA in investigating complaints
  • transport and travelling allowances.

​​​​​The ​2017 regulations replace the Education and Training Reform Regulati​​ons 2007,​ which have expired.​

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