Lifting digital experience and connectivity of schools

Demand for internet bandwidth is increasing rapidly as schools continue to focus on giving students the digital literacy skills necessary for the jobs of the future.

Students will have access to even faster and more reliable internet, thanks to a $59.9 million investment to deliver additional internet bandwidth to every Victorian government school and continue to maintain the technical support schools require.

This builds on the $16.4 million already invested to increase bandwidth and digital connectivity for rural schools, doubling the internet capacity for small rural and regional schools bringing them into alignment with their metropolitan counterparts.

This funding is being invested in network devices, connectivity and security to ensure a high quality, safe and secure digital experience.

Understanding the bandwidth for each school

Schools are being upgraded to a bandwidth between 20 – 500 megabytes per second (Mbps), using student numbers as the basis to determine the actual allocation.

Where a school has a highly digital approach to teaching and learning, an increased allocation to 1 gigabyte per second is also available.

The Department will work with school to monitor their usage and determine if there is a need for a bandwidth increase to support the delivery of their curriculum.

Upgrade timeline

It is expected 60 per cent of schools requiring a bandwidth upgrade will be upgraded within the next six months.

The remainder will require telecommunications infrastructure changes at either the school or within the provider’s network. Technical assessments will be required before these schools can receive a bandwidth upgrade and they will be contacted directly.

Continuing technical support to schools

Onsite technical support is critical in enabling students and teachers to access virtual learning as well as engaging learning and teaching resources.

The funding means that schools will continue to receive their allocated onsite technical support hours.

Each school’s support is aligned to their student numbers and the program currently provides in excess of 900,000 support hours annually, sustaining 700 Victoria jobs across metropolitan, regional and rural Victoria.

To read the policy that outlines this service, see: Technical Support to Schools Program (TSSP)