Teaching Academies of Professional Practice

Teaching Academies of Professional Practice (TAPPs) are partnerships between a cluster of schools and one or more universities for the purpose of improving initial teacher education (ITE).

They are cross-sectoral, with membership from government, Catholic and independent schools.


The TAPP initiative aims to:

  • deliver an immersive preparation experience for pre-service teachers
  • test innovative approaches to ITE
  • strengthen the links between theory, research and practice to enhance course effectiveness.

Pre-service teachers consistently rate their professional experience as the most important component of their teacher education course.

Pre-service teachers undertaking placements in similar models, including the earlier School Centres for Teaching Excellence, have reported greater levels of confidence and preparedness against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers (graduate level).

Participating principals and teaching staff have reported greater professional learning opportunities, with teachers identifying strengthened mentoring skills. The initiative has also enabled universities to gain insights and work collaboratively with schools to lead enhanced course delivery.

Participating schools and universities

The TAPPs involve schools in regional and metropolitan areas, and include primary, secondary, and specialist schools.

The operational TAPPs across Victoria are:

  1. Australian Catholic University, Centre for Catholic Teacher Formation
  2. Deakin University, Geelong
  3. Deakin University, Melbourne
  4. Deakin University, Warrnambool
  5. La Trobe University, Bendigo
  6. Monash University, Bass Coast
  7. Monash University, South East
  8. RMIT University, North Melbourne
  9. The University of Melbourne, Melbourne
  10. The University of Melbourne, North East

More information

For more information about the Teaching Academy model, watch on YouTube: Site coordination, quality school-university partnerships – case study (VIC)

Or contact: ite@edumail.vic.gov.au