helps parents plan their children's future helps parents plan for children’s future is a new website that shows the zones of all public schools in Victoria.

You can use to see the schools in your local area by typing your home address. The website shows the school zone, information about the school and its location on a map. 

Big decisions made easy

Mother of one, Hyeri Robertson, is moving to Victoria from Queensland. She says finding the right school for her son Ian, who is in Foundation (Prep) and bilingual in both English and Korean, was the most important part of her move. 

While she was searching for a place to live, Hyeri used the website to check that the schools she liked were near a prospective property. She says showed her nearby schools within seconds.

‘I can put in the address, and the school and its zone comes out,’ Hyeri says. ‘It has a mobile version too, so that was easy for me to use.’ 

Find My School also links to the website of each school. ‘I was able to learn more about each school and check academic performance, attendance and the size of the English as a second language group,’ Hyeri says. ‘I also checked second languages and other courses like drama and art.’

Because it’s a government website, Hyeri felt confident that she was getting the right information to help her make the right choice for Ian.

With this information on hand, Hyeri has successfully found a home in the same zone as one of her dream schools for Ian. She says she’ll use it again when Ian goes to secondary school. 

The making of

Schools and parents have previously requested access to clear and readily available information about school zones. allows parents to access information quickly and easily. It’s a big step forward in transparency for our school system and helps parents make clear, informed decisions about education for their children.

The new website also brings Victoria into alignment with other states that already offer school zone information online. currently shows schools zones for 2020. It will be updated early next year to also show school zones for 2021.

Visit findmyschool to see the schools in your local area.

Learn more about School zones. 

If you have any questions, you can call the Victorian School Building Authority Hotline on 1800 896 950 or email