Young mum’s Free TAFE course is a pathway to nursing career

​​20-year-old Michaela says that being able to study her TAFE Nursing course for free has 'made my life so much easier'.

'I'm not going to have to worry about a debt, especially with a young child,' Michaela says.

​​Michaela's son had to undergo surgery twice when he was a baby. Up until then, Michaela had faced some difficulties with medical professionals because of her age. But Michaela says that one of the nurses in particular made a lasting impact on her.

'This nurse just treated me with respect and made sure I was okay throughout this overwhelming experience,' Michaela says. 'She explained everything and was there for me whenever I had questions.'

'Watching her look after my son sparked my interest in nursing, as I feel like everyone in hospital needs to have that same experience of being listened to and not being treated differently.'​

Free TAFE for a growing Victoria

Free TAFE for Priority Courses reduces the financial barrier for eligible students wanting to train in the courses that lead to the jobs that are most in demand from Victorian employers.

Students can save up to $2,500 for some pre-apprenticeship courses and up to $5,000 for Certificate IV courses. For high cost courses such as a Diploma in Nursing or a Diploma in Building and Construction, students will save more than $10,000 through the Free TAFE initiative.

Head to Free TAFE to find out about the courses on offer.