10 ways to prepare for Year 12 like a champ

1. Be organised

Add key dates in your diary to keep you on track.


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2. Healthy you = healthy grades.

Stay active, eat well and catch those zzzs.


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It seems scary, but...

3. Plan ahead for life after school

Speak to your careers advisor – there are loads of options out there.


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4. Don't leave things until the last minute!

Do some prep. Buy your textbooks during the school holidays and get familiar with every subject.


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5. Follow your passion, not the points.

You'll reach your full potential by doing well at something you love.


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6. Stress less about your ATAR.

It's not the end of the world. There are plenty of pathways to your ultimate career.


7. A great way to learn is to teach.

No school study group? Create one.


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8. You're not alone

Don't feel silly about asking for help! Family, teachers and school wellbeing staff are here for you.


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9. Have an outlet

Play sport, music and dance – whatever. Year 12 is important, but so are you.


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10. Speak to people who have been there, done that

Former students are a great resource for study tips and advice.


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For more information check out Where to Now? on the VCAA website.

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