Celebrating graduation 2020-style

Schools are preparing exciting and flexible graduation celebrations that cover remote or on-site scenarios.

With coronavirus (COVID-19) continuing to cause disruption and uncertainty this year, Victoria's schools are taking a proactive approach to planning for the all-important student graduation ceremonies coming up in Term 4.

It seems like many primary and secondary students throughout the state have already taken to the task, getting creative in preparing for both on-site and remote scenarios to make sure nothing gets in the way of graduation celebrations.

School graduations are important bookends in every student's schooling life and something that makes an indelible mark in their journey towards adulthood. Even amidst all the change that 2020 continues to bring, there are still many ways to make the occasion special.

To help students and schools with their planning, we've brought together some great examples of things schools are already planning to ensure their year 6 and 12 students get the 2020 send-off they deserve.

Drive-through ceremony

Patterson Lakes Primary School is cautiously preparing several celebration options Year 6 students at the school, such as:

  • a drive-through red-carpet event where Grade 6 students emerge one by one from their car and receive their award and a photo, while parents stay in the car

  • a series of outdoor events for different classes, viewed as a live stream by families

  • pre-recorded video compilations.

All students play a role

Ivanhoe East Primary School is preparing a student-led event which will give each graduating student a speaking or performing role.

The students will script the entire event, with adults providing support rather than direction.

Each student speaker will talk about their plans for the future and what they have gained from school. A combination of whole-group activities and 'breakout rooms' will feature in the graduation ceremony, which will be held virtually through Webex video-conferencing if necessary. 

A night at the 'movies'

Bendigo Senior Secondary College plans to pre-record its Year 12 graduation ceremony, working with a production company to film the event over two days.

Each student will be filmed accepting their award from the principal, and then an edited version of the film will be live streamed for families, alongside musical performances, for families to watch at the same time over a celebratory dinner.

Reflecting on past, looking to future

Mordialloc College's Year 12 graduation will also compile a pre-recorded graduation ceremony, with students wearing academic gowns. The event will include speeches from school leaders, as well as student reflections on school and their plans for the future, and a display of photos of each student in primary and secondary school.