Golden Square Primary School includes parents to help the transition to new ways of learning

The transition to remote and flexible learning strengthened partnerships between teachers and the parents and carers of students at Golden Square Primary School.

The transition came as the Bendigo school began implementing a new instructional model for reading.

Teachers keen to maintain the program's momentum pivoted quickly to deliver the model online, alongside all their other lessons.

'One thing we would have really learned was the value of partnership with families and carers,' principal Leanne Miller says.

'We really realised how important they were in this process and we really had to consider the capacity of parents and carers — it certainly made them more aware of their children's learning and they have been more involved.

'We will be trying to maintain that really strong connection and understanding of teaching and learning.'

Ms Miller says families could see that teachers maintained good quality teaching and learning and high expectations throughout remote and flexible learning.

'Families could see that, so they have remained engaged with the reading program,' she says.

'We had 91 per cent attendance a day on average, which was pretty fantastic.'

Teachers and families regularly spoke online about the progress of students.

'Engaging families and considering how we can support them to support their children in their learning has been really key,' Ms Miller says.

The Department is working with students, teachers, principals and families to ensure lessons from remote and flexible learning are being captured and shared.

Following an independent analysis of the experience at schools across the state, an education summit will be held in July to discuss lessons learned and investigate what improvements can be made to the education system as a result of the remote learning experience. 

Principals, teachers, parents and students can submit feedback through a community consultation survey.