Premiers’ Reading Challenge inspires young book reviewers

Meet the two winners of the 2020 Premiers' Reading Challenge Reader's Review competition

The winners of this year's Premiers' Reading Challenge Reader's Review competition have been announced, with Brookside College P-9 student Neerja (secondary category) and Brighton Primary School student Harini (primary category) claiming top billing.

Neerja and Harini each produced outstanding work, showing strong passion for reading, alongside obvious writing skills of their own, in their insightful book reviews.

This year's winning book reviewers

Year 9 student Neerja reviewed five books for the competition.

Her favourites were Faceless by Alyssa Sheinmel and Pieces of Sky by Trinity Doyle.

'These novels teach you about how each struggle and success make up the pieces of your jigsaw puzzle of life,' she said.

Neerja's favourite books are young adult novels that combine real life situations with fictional characters.

'This is because they are novels that you can connect to,' she said.

Year 5 student Harini reviewed Death in the Spotlight, a mystery novel by Robin Stevens.

'Mystery books are my favourite genre of book as there are so many cliff hangers and plot twists it makes you want to keep reading,' Harini said.

To read some of Neerja's reviews, and Harini's review, refer to the Reader's Review competition web page.

More on the Reader's Review competition

Neerja and Harini's entries were selected from a strong field of creative and unique reviews.

Older students shared 200-word reviews, while younger students could submit a 50-word review or drawing of their favourite part of a book.

As the winners, Neerja and Harini will receive a pack of Penguin books and a virtual class visit from an Australian author.

The Premiers' Reading Challenge

The Premiers' Reading Challenge inspires children to read, helping to build essential literacy skills that support their education.

The Challenge's Readers Review competition encourages students from Prep to Year 10 to get involved with the Challenge by creating and sharing reviews of their favourite book.

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For more on the Challenge, refer to the Premiers' Reading Challenge.