Highlights from Victorian Preliminary Results in NAPLAN 2021

The incredible resilience and hard work of Victorian educators, students and families has been reflected in the remarkable results for this year's NAPLAN tests.

Leading the nation

Victoria has held the top spot as the highest-performing jurisdiction on seven out of ten measures in the primary school years. Our Year 3 and Year 5 numeracy results were the highest in the country.

Year 7 students achieved the highest scores of any jurisdiction for the foundation skills of Reading and Numeracy, and our Year 9 students achieved the highest scores for Spelling.

More students achieving their best

Victoria also improved on our 2019 results. Reading was a particular highlight, with students in years 3, 5 and 7 demonstrating significant improvement.

More than 62 per cent of Year 3 students are now achieving in the top two bands for Reading, representing an increase of almost ten per cent from 2015.

Since 2015, the number of students in the bottom two bands for Reading has decreased by more than eight percentage points for Year 5 students and more than two percentage points for Year 3 students.

In years 3 and 5, over 13,000 more students are achieving at the highest reading levels compared to 2015.

Secondary school achievement

Across secondary schools, more students are achieving in the top two bands of Reading compared to 2019 and there are fewer students in the bottom two bands.

Year 7 students improved in Reading, Writing and Spelling compared to 2019 and achieved the highest scores of any state or territory for Reading and Numeracy.

Celebrating Year 9 success

For the first time, almost 19,000 Year 9 students are receiving certificates to recognise their excellence or significant learning growth on their Year 7 NAPLAN results.

Download the NAPLAN highlights:

 NAPLAN highlights 2021