Student ‘vaccine champion’ helping minimise lockdowns

Year 12 student, Tara McPherson, wants to get back to school and her friends.

Year 12 VCE student Tara McPherson recently had her first Pfizer vaccine as part of the final year secondary school student vaccination blitz.

The Ringwood Secondary College student encouraged other eligible final year students to get vaccinated.

"You will be able to go out and experience all those fun things people all talk about at the end of the school year and starting uni," she says.

Tara says many people in her family are nurses and she is planning a career as a paramedic.

"I know the COVID-19 vaccine has been really heavily researched and how important it can be for the community and to keep everyone safe," she says.

"And I know, by getting vaccinated, we can help everyone get back to a more COVID-normal life.

"It's about getting back to school to get that extra support we need for our end of year exams, face-to-face learning with teachers.

"And to get back with our friends because a lot of students benefit from being back with each other when it comes to learning."

Tara says she is concerned about the impact lockdowns were having on the mental health of people.

"With getting vaccinated comes fewer lockdowns and a greater chance to socialise and improve the mental health of people in the community," she says.

Tara received her vaccination at the State Vaccination Centre in Frankston.

"The nurses were really kind. It was an easy process to go at your appointment time, they treat you really well and everyone is separated and safe. It felt good," she says.

Many young people were vaccinated during the final year secondary student vaccination blitz from 6-19 September. By the end of the blitz on 19 September 2021, more than 116,000 Victorians aged 18-18 (57%) had received at least one dose. 

Final year students (students in other year levels, who are studying Unit 3 and 4 subjects, final year Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) and final year International Baccalaureate (IB) students who have yet to receive their first jab are strongly encouraged to book their appointment, as soon as they can, before exams.

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