Offering jobseekers their best shot at success

Chisholm Institute’s Skills and Jobs Centre and Dressed for Success, is providing interview and career support to the local community

South-east Melbourne not-for-profit Dressed for Success in partnership with the Chisholm Institute's Skills and Jobs Centre is providing a holistic solution to becoming job ready.

By combining their dressing services and career support they are offering an all-rounded approach to helping participants on their journey to employment.

The vision is simple, help people to achieve economic independence, in style.

Providing participants with the appropriate clothing to feel empowered in interviews serves as the first step toward securing successful employment.

 'I am so grateful and overwhelmed over the generosity and wonderful assistance of Sheila and Christine,' said participant Christina.

Pairing such aesthetic confidence with mentoring in core aspects of job applications such as resume writing, job searching, and interview preparation sets participants up with the skills they need to achieve their best future.

Accommodating both men and women, from all walks of life, the complimentary dressing service is carried out through a 60-minute one-on-one personalised dressing appointment.

The service provides a selection of clothing for their next life event, be that a job interview, a new job or just getting back on track.

This never fails to provide a welcome boost to clients' confidence and self-esteem and when a client secures a job, they can return to receive a mix and match work wardrobe free of charge.

Clothes are gathered from donation drives and all support workers are volunteers.

'As I'm unemployed and keen to start a job my attire is personally very rewarding and thank you for all the great support and assistance as well,' said participant Paul.

Accompanying this service is the career support component that offers similarly free workshops in conjunction with the Chisholm Skills and Jobs Centre, Dandenong.

These workshops serve to equip participants with the more practical applications to becoming job ready; from building a resume, to searching for a job, and preparing for interviews.

Chisholm Institute’s Skills and Jobs Centre employees from
Chisholm Institute’s Skills and Jobs Centre employees from left to right:
Clint Johnson, Catherine Luk, Viktoriya Fedorova,  Di Cramer, Andrea O’Bryan and Elma Siaopo