Department program

Active kids

​​Active kids aims to support greater participation of students in interschool sport.

Funding for schools

The 2018/19 budget allocated $1.1 million to increase student participation in interschool sport.

Funding will be provided to up to 300 disadvantaged Victorian government schools who experience significant financial barriers to greater participation in interschool sport.

Funding will be allocated based on the school financial occupation education (SFOE) index and will be tailored to school size. Funding amounts will range from $1,000 - $7,000.

Eligible government schools will be contacted by the Department. Funding will be distributed to schools via the schools targeted funding portal.

Funding may be spent on any cost associated with interschool sport. These costs include:

  • transport
  • entry fees
  • venue hire
  • casual relief teacher costs.

Get advice

For information on interschool sports programs see School Sport Victoria