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Glasses for kids

Every prep to year 3 student at participating schools will be eligible to receive a free vision screening and if required, follow up eye testing and glasses.

From 2020, an additional $1.3 million has been made available to continue the initiative. Glasses for Kids targets the most disadvantaged areas in Victoria and will enable up to 40,000 Prep to year 3 students in 290 schools to be tested for glasses.

Parental consent will be required for screening, which is not compulsory. The initiative is being delivered by State Schools' Relief and its partners, which is supported by the Department. 

What does this funding cover?

Glasses for Kids provides free vision screening and testing and if needed, free glasses to participating Prep to Year 3 students.

It is managed and delivered by State School’s Relief. Between Term 1, 2020 and Term 2, 2023 State School’s Relief is intending to visit more than 300 schools and offer free vision screening and testing to approximately 40,000 Prep to Year 3 students.

Why is this important?

Glasses for Kids contributes to achieving the Government’s Education State targets including Learning for Life, Happy, Healthy and Resilient Kids, and Breaking the Link.

The initiative removes vision impairment as a barrier to accessing education and achievement. It addresses a large social need, especially in areas with a large number of new migrant families who are often unaware of the healthcare services available in Australia.

This initiative takes the first steps in addressing the links between disadvantage, access to eye healthcare professionals and learning outcomes. While the initiative is not means-tested, the children who benefit the most come from families experiencing financial disadvantage.

If left unaddressed, a vision impairment can affect the lifelong learning capabilities of a child. Glasses for Kids helps alleviate this problem by providing an onsite service to children at their school, to address vision impairments in children who otherwise may have gone undiagnosed.

Who is eligible for this funding?

Glasses for Kids is delivered to targeted schools in the most disadvantaged areas across Victoria.

All Prep to Year 3 students in the targeted schools are invited to participate.

How can parents or schools apply for this assistance?

State Schools’ Relief will invite targeted schools to participate.

The schools are targeted based on their relative levels of disadvantage in the communities in which they are located.

The parents of all Prep to Year 3 students in the targeted schools will be invited by State Schools’ Relief to participate.

When will it be available?

State Schools’ Relief will commence delivering the initiative to schools in Term 1, 2020.