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Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR)

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities assessed to be at the highest risk of fire are placed on the department's Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR). Inclusion on this register is a trigger for the school, kindergarten or child care facility to pre-emptively close on days determined Code Red in their Bureau of Meteorology district, as well as other pre-emptive and preparedness actions in line with their fire risk category.

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities with a lower fire risk (those assessed to be in fire risk Category 4) are listed on the department’s Category 4 list.

If you have queries relating to the register, please email

For information regarding closures of schools, kindergartens, child care facilities or bus services, refer to emergency closures.

You can also access the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority's (VRQA) Guidelines on bushfire preparedness.

For general information regarding emergencies or Code Red days, read emergencies.

Read the full bushfire and grassfire preparedness policy
Available in the Policy and Advisory Library

Bushfire At-Risk Register (Updated 1 August 2022)

Explore entities listed on the BARR below or download a copy of the register (xls - 84kb).

Searching the register

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  • Falls Creek
    • Falls Creek Child Care

      Early Childhood Service
      17 Bogong High Plains Road, Falls Creek, North East region
    • Falls Creek Primary School

      15 Slalom Street, Falls Creek, North East region
  • Ferny Creek
    • After The Bell Aus- Ferny Creek PS

      Early Childhood Service
      School Road, Ferny Creek, Central region
    • Ferny Creek Primary School

      School Road, Ferny Creek, Central region
  • Flowerdale
    • Flowerdale Kindergarten

      Early Childhood Service
      6525 Whittlesea-Yea Rd, Flowerdale, North Central region
    • Flowerdale Primary School

      3377 Whittlesea Yea Road, Flowerdale, North Central region
  • Forrest
    • Forrest Learning Centre

      Early Childhood Service
      12 Grant Street, Forrest, South West region
    • Forrest Primary School

      10 Grant Street, Forrest, South West region
  • Frankston
    • Paratea Preschool

      Early Childhood Service
      Paratea Avenue, Frankston, Central region
  • French Island
    • Perseverance Primary School

      Centreway, Tankerton, French Island, Central region
  • Freshwater Creek
    • Freshwater Creek Steiner Kindergarten

      Early Childhood Service
      Freshwater Creek Steiner School, 52 McIntyre Rd, Freshwater Creek, Central region
    • Freshwater Creek Steiner School

      52 McIntyres Road, Freshwater Creek, Central region