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Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR)

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities assessed to be at the highest risk of fire are placed on the department's Bushfire At-Risk Register (BARR). Inclusion on this register is a trigger for the school, kindergarten or child care facility to pre-emptively close on days determined Code Red in their Bureau of Meteorology district, as well as other pre-emptive and preparedness actions in line with their fire risk category.

Schools, kindergartens and child care facilities with a lower fire risk (those assessed to be in fire risk Category 4) are listed on the department’s Category 4 list.

If you have queries relating to the register, please email

For information regarding closures of schools, kindergartens, child care facilities or bus services, refer to emergency closures.

You can also access the Victorian Registrations and Qualifications Authority's (VRQA) Guidelines on bushfire preparedness.

For general information regarding emergencies or Code Red days, read emergencies.

Read the full bushfire and grassfire preparedness policy
Available in the Policy and Advisory Library

Bushfire At-Risk Register (Updated 1 August 2022)

Explore entities listed on the BARR below or download a copy of the register (xls - 84kb).

Searching the register

The complete register is listed by suburb below. You can filter by Bureau of Meteorology region or type of education setting below to refine your search.


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  • Ashbourne
    • Melbourne Grammar School - Ashbourne

      School Camp
      935 Falloons Road, Ashbourne, Central region
  • Banksia Peninsula
    • Carey Camp Toonallook

      School Camp
      281 Cranswick Road, Banksia Peninsula, East Gippsland region
    • Melbourne Grammar School - Banksia Peninsula Camp

      School Camp
      123 Cranswick Road, Banksia Peninsula, East Gippsland region
    • St Leonard's College - Camp Ibis

      School Camp
      125 Cranwsick Road, Banksia Peninsula, East Gippsland region
    • Wesley College - Mallana Camp

      School Camp
      324 Cranswick Rd, Banksia Peninsula, East Gippsland region
  • Benalla
    • Benalla P-12 College (Lake Nillacoote Camp)

      School Camp
      4035 Midland Highway, Benalla, North East region
  • Bendigo
    • Kalianna Special School

      School Camp
      Nolan Street, Bendigo, Northern Country region
  • Blackwood
    • Frankston Special Developmental School (Blackwood Special Schools Outdoor Education Centre)

      School Camp
      1015 Greendale-Trentham road, Blackwood, Central region
  • Bogong
    • Outdoor School

      School Camp
      1 Black Possum Road, Bogong, North East region
  • Boho South
    • Northcote High School (Boho South Camp)

      School Camp
      467 Bonnie Doon Road, Boho South, Northern Country region
  • Cape Bridgewater
    • Wesley College - Lochend Camp

      School Camp
      22 Kennedys Rd, Cape Bridgewater, South West region
  • Childers
    • Baringa Special School (Baringa Homestead)

      School Camp
      984 Allambee-Childers Road, Childers, Central region
  • Chum Creek
    • Scotch College - Chum Creek Campus

      School Camp
      903 Chum Creek Road, Chum Creek, Central region
    • Wesley College Melbourne - Chum Creek Outdoor Education Campus

      School Camp
      251 Old Chum Creek Road, Chum Creek, Central region
  • Coongulla
    • Yarra Valley Grammar School - Wootton Lodge

      School Camp
      Hodges Road, Coongulla, West and South Gippsland region
  • Creek Junction
    • St Albans Secondary College (Strathbogie Camp)

      School Camp
      Cnr Watkins road and, School Camp Road, Creek Junction, Northern Country region
  • Dinner Plain
    • The Alpine School (Dinner Plain Campus)

      School Camp
      Great Alpine Road, Dinner Plain, North East region
  • Dunkeld
    • Brauer Secondary College (Dunkeld Annexe)

      School Camp
      Grampians Tourist Road, Dunkeld, South West region
  • Eastern View
    • St Bernard's College - Santa Monica Camp

      School Camp
      970 Great Ocean Road, Eastern View, Central region
  • Eildon
    • Penleigh & Essendon Grammar - Eildon Camp

      School Camp
      Skyline Rd, Eildon, North Central region
  • Garfield North
    • Bulleen Heights School (Garfield North Outdoor Education Centre)

      School Camp
      335 Garfield North Road, Garfield North, Central region
  • Greta South
    • Outdoor School (Fifteen Mile Creek Camp)

      School Camp
      692 Benalla Whitfield Road, Greta South, North East region
  • Hallora
    • Drouin Secondary College (Blackwood Annexe)

      School Camp
      Brock Road, Hallora, Central region
  • Marlo
    • The Alpine School (Snowy River Campus)

      School Camp
      Cape Conran Road, Marlo, East Gippsland region
  • Millgrove
    • Melbourne High School (Millgrove Outdoor Education Centre)

      School Camp
      140 Dee Road, Millgrove, Central region
  • Mirrimbah
    • Princes Hill Secondary College (Mirrimbah Country Centre)

      School Camp
      Sawmill Settlement, Mirrimbah, North East region
  • Nayook
    • Rubicon Outdoor Centre (Nayook Campus)

      School Camp
      610 Nayook-Powelltown Road, Nayook, Central region
  • Noorat
    • The Alpine School (Gnurad Gundidj Campus)

      School Camp
      253 Blacks Road, Noorat, South West region
  • Somers
    • Somers School Camp (Somers Campus)

      School Camp
      124 Lord Somers Road, Somers, Central region
  • Staughton Vale
    • Northern Bay P-12 College (Staughton Vale Outdoor Education Centre)

      School Camp
      515 Staughton Vale Road, Staughton Vale, Central region
  • Strathbogie
    • Peranbin Primary College (Strathbogie Campus)

      School Camp
      19-25 Main Street, Strathbogie, Northern Country region
  • Tanybryn
    • Belmont High School (Tanybryn Camp)

      School Camp
      Cnr Wild Dog Road, Skenes Creek Forrest Road, Tanybryn, South West region
  • Tolmie
    • McClelland Secondary College (Camp Mahaikah)

      School Camp
      2975 Mansfield-Whitefield Road, Tolmie, North East region
  • Yallourn North
    • Somers School Camp (Woorabinda Campus)

      School Camp
      North Shore Road, Yallourn North, East Gippsland region