Online resources and webinars to support learning from home

Online resources

The Department has developed a range of resources that services can use to support families to engage in learning activities with their children at home:

Play-based learning for preschoolers

Provides suggestions for good structured and unstructured play experiences for 3 – 5 year olds

How to build literacy skills from birth to year 2

Includes tips on how to help build children's skills in speaking, listening, reading and writing

How to build numeracy skills from birth to year 2 

Includes tips on how to build children's skills in maths, measurement and patterns

Building STEM skills for children

Includes ways to engage children with STEM related experiences.

For more high quality learning activities suitable for early learners, explore FUSE: Learning from home in an early childhood setting.

Webinar series

A series of free webinars were designed to support educators and teachers with the skills, knowledge and educational resources to support children learning from home.

Based on best practice teaching and learning approaches, the webinars focused on key topics and were delivered by Anthony Semann from Semann & Slattery

Getting started with remote learning

Maintaining relationships with families and children


Adapting programs and learning plans to be delivered remotely

Supporting children and families experiencing vulnerability

Supporting children returning to your service after learning from home

Wellbeing webinars

A new series of wellbeing webinars are currently being delivered. Presented by Early Childhood Australia, these webinars have been designed for all teachers and educators working with young children, at any stage of their career. The series explores the evidence behind positive psychology and its impacts on educator wellbeing.

For more information and to register, visit wellbeing webinars