Recruitment in Schools

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The quality of the workforce is the major factor driving improvement in schools.  The Department supports a culture of leadership, learning and renewal in all workplaces with opportunities for career development and advancement.  Excellent service provision can only happen when the right people are attracted, recruited, and supported to do their jobs as effectively as possible.

In this context schools are able to build progressively, or maintain, a staff team that can provide the best possible teaching and learning in the school. The Department is committed to the standard mode of employment in schools being ongoing. Schools have the capacity to select the best available employees to meet the educational needs of students and to maximise ongoing employment opportunities in Victorian Government schools. Local selection arrangements provide the most effective way of matching the talents and career aspirations of employees with the specific needs of individual schools.

The Recruitment in Schools guide, which is available below, provides comprehensive policy and information concerning recruitment in schools including the following:

  • Staffing profile
  • Vacancy management
  • Advertising vacancies
  • Employees with Priority Status
  • Selection
  • Qualifications
  • Employment, promotion or transfer
  • Review/grievance

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Other Resources

Policy & Guidelines

  • Recruitment in schools  - Last updated 6 July 2020
    (PDF) (WORD
  • Recruitment in the Teaching Service - Remote
    (PDF)  (WORD

Procedures & Forms

  • Fixed Term Teacher Vacancy Ready Reckoner - to assist schools in determining the duration of teacher vacancies on ROL and employment period on the payroll
  • Employment Task List - includes the business and system processes when hiring/rehiring a person on eduPay
  • Ongoing Offer Procedures 
  • Further period of Fixed Term Employment Procedures 
  • Forms- access all recruitment/employment forms including offer of employment letters


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