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Teaching Service remuneration policy has been designed to assist with the achievement of the following key objectives:

Value of the work is fairly determined relative to the roles, responsibilities, skill levels and accountability requirements of the various types and levels of work.

Attraction and retention of the best possible people to meet the current and future demands and challenges of the Victorian Government education system.

Recognition and reward for the quality of the work and contribution to the achievement of improved learning outcomes for students in the government school system.

The Remuneration –Teaching Service Guide, which is available below, provides policy and information concerning remuneration for employees in the Teaching Service (other than the executive class) including the following:

  • Remuneration/salary package
  • Remuneration on employment, transfer or promotion
  • Attraction
  • Principal class remuneration review
  • Education support and paraprofessional class - salary range review
  • Annual progression
  • Accelerated progression – performance and retention 


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