Tutor learning initiative: extra learning support for your child

To give extra support to students, schools have qualified teachers working as tutors in 2021. This is called the Tutor Learning Initiative.

The initiative will make sure that children who may have not progressed as well as they could have because of remote and flexible learning in 2020 get the help they need. Support is available for children of all abilities across all year levels.

The tutors provide targeted teaching to their students. This may involve taking part in small group learning in a class setting or outside of regular class.

Schools select tutors based on their area of expertise and the needs of their students.  As literacy and numeracy are foundational skills, most schools are focusing on helping children with core literacy and numeracy.

Your child’s school will manage how best to put the learning support in place.

Access to the tutor learning initiative

Your child’s school will identify if your child needs extra support in 2021.

We have given schools advice on how to identify and assess students who may need extra help. This will make sure that children who will benefit most from small group learning are selected to take part.

If you have any concerns or questions about your child’s engagement in learning, you should contact the school.

How long your child gets support for

If the school selects your child for tutor support, they'll decide how often and for how long they need it.

To make their decision they'll assess your child’s learning and progress. This means your child may get support for:

  • a number of weeks
  • a few months or longer
  • at different points throughout the year as different learning needs are identified.

Tutoring is likely to take place over two to three sessions a week but this may be different from school to school. The schools time the tutoring sessions based on the learning needs of the students. 

When and where tutoring takes place

Learning support takes place during school hours or adjacent to the school day, at your child’s school. This will help make sure that their other learning or school activities are not disrupted.