Food safety tips

It’s important to keep in mind food safety and make sure the food you give your child is safe to eat.

To prepare food:

  • wash your hands before preparing food
  • ensure meat, chicken and fish is well cooked
  • use separate chopping boards for uncooked meats
  • wash all fruits and veggies before serving
  • use clean crockery (plates, knives, spoons);
  • prepared foods should be stored in a sealed container in the fridge or freezer;
  • ensure food is properly re-heated and cooled to eating temperature before serving;
  • never re-heat food more than once;
  • use products before their ‘best before’ date; and
  • dairy products should be pasteurised.

If food has been left out at room temperature for two hours or less, put it in the fridge or consume it straight away. If it has been left out for more than two hours, eat it straight away. If it’s been left out for four hours or more, throw it away.