Play based learning for toddlers

​Play is a great way for a child to learn. Play can help a child’s physical, social, emotional and intellectual development. In the first three years, play helps children learn about the world through listening, looking, touching, tasting and smelling.

Here are a few suggestions of things you can do with your child’s learning:

  • Put several different objects in a bag and ask your child to put a hand in and feel one. Ask questions such as ‘How does it feel?’ Describing objects helps your child’s language development.
  • Encourage your child to stack blocks and then take some away. Activities like this help your child begin to learn skills and an understanding for numbers.
  • Fill plastic containers with sand, pebbles, rice and water. Encourage your child to shake them and discover the different sounds they make.

It is a good idea to provide your child with opportunities to socialise more widely – go to the playground or local library to meet new children and people.