Car safety

Restraints and seats

Whenever your child rides in the car it’s essential that they are in the right type of restraint for their age and size.

Use the shoulder-height indicators on the restraint to check if your child has outgrown it.

Five-point harnesses are safest until your child is too tall for the restraint. A booster seat is then needed until they are at least 145cm tall.

Vicroads has information about the types of restraints a child must use.

  • If your child is under 6 months, they must travel in a rear-facing child restraint.
  • Children aged 6 months to under 4 years must use either a rear-facing child restraint, or a forward-facing child restraint with an inbuilt harness.
  • Babies and children of this age grow at different rates, so you need to choose the type of restraint that is best for your child's size.
  • Babies must travel in the back seat as it is safer. Babies can only travel in the front seat in vehicles which don’t have a back seat. Babies must never travel in rear-facing child restraints the front seat if it has airbags.
  • It is recommended children under 12 years sit in the back seat as it offers more protection to passengers.