Accident Recording and Reporting

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools comply with the Department's administrative requirement to report and record accidents.

Prerequisite policy


Schools must follow the Hazard & Incident Reporting Procedure see: Hazard and Incident Reporting and Investigation Procedure

This table summaries how schools report and record accidents, depending on who has had the accident.

Accident occurred toSchools must



record all student accidents at school or at a school organised activity in the injury management system on CASES/CASES21.

  • Staff
  • Student
  • Visitor

anticipate the possibility of litigation following an accident and prepare for a detailed examination of actions, planning, and the curriculum role of any activity.

Witness statements

Principals may:

  • obtain statements from witnesses of accidents and retain these on file with a notation on the statement that this statement is privileged and confidential - prepared solely for anticipated litigation and for the provision of legal advice.

Who pays for medical treatment?

If a student is injured at school, or during a school organised activity, then parents/guardians are responsible for the cost of:

  • medical treatment
  • transport to a medical facility or home.

The Department will compensate for medical and other expenses if determined liable by its legal advisers or the courts.

Accident insurance for students

Student accident insurance may be taken out by:

  • parents/guardians, deciding to obtain student accident insurance cover from a commercial insurer, or
  • school councils, deciding to obtain a whole of school student accident cover.

see: Circular S042-2014 Student accident insurance/ambulance cover arrangement and private property brought to school 

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