Health Support Planning Forms

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Purpose of this topic

To describe the documents and forms that assist student health support planning.

Note: For consent requirements for any form see: Decision Making Responsibilities for Students within Related policies


This table describes the plans that must be completed for specific student health support needs.

Prerequisite policies:

Plan The plan

Student Health Support Plan (doc - 99.5kb)

  • must be completed for each student with an identified health care need other than anaphylaxis
  • outlines how the school will support the student’s health care needs
  • is completed in consultation with parents/guardians and guided by medical advice..

Asthma Care Plan

should be completed for a student with asthma:

  • by the student’s medical/health practitioner
  • in consultation with parents/guardians.

This plan should be attached to the Student Health Support Plan.

See: Asthma Australia

ASCIA Action Plan for Allergic Reactions

​must be completed by parents/guardians for a student with allergies:

  • in consultation with their child’s medical/health practitioner
  • provided to the school.
Individual Allergic Reactions Management Plan (docx - 194.16kb)​must be completed by each school for each student who has been diagnosed at risk of allergies.
ASCIA Action Plan for Anaphylaxis

must be completed by parents/guardians for a student with anaphylaxis:

  • in consultation with their child’s medical/health practitioner
  • provided to the school.

Individual Anaphylaxis Management Plan (docx - 217.83kb)

must be completed by the school for each student who has been diagnosed at risk of anaphylaxis.

Annual Risk Management Checklist​ (docx - 36.87kb)must be completed by the school to monitor their compliance with Ministerial Order 706, the Anaphylaxis Guidelines and their legal obligations.​

Hygiene Care and Learning Plans

may be used to:

  • maximise opportunities for students to self-manage their personal care support
  • acknowledge the learning that has occurred when success is achieved.


Medication and authorisation

This table describes the forms used to authorise and administer student medications.

See: Medication within Related policies

Form The form

Medication Authority Form (doc - 64kb)

  • is for students requiring medication to be administered at school, other than the following conditions that have their own specific forms:
    • asthma
    • anaphylaxis
  • should be completed by the student’s:
    • medical/health practitioner or if unable to obtain then the parent/carer or the student if they are an adult independent student.

Medication Log (Word - 51Kb)

  • is used by the principal or nominee when administering the taking of medication. The school may choose to use an equivalent official medication register instead.

Confidential Medical Information for School Council Approved School Excursion

  • must be completed annually by the parent/guardian of each student in advance of school council approved excursion.

Medical advice

This table identifies forms that:

  • provide descriptions of a student’s:
    • health conditions
    • support requirements
    • first aid requirements
  • are completed by the student’s medical/health practitioner.
ConditionFormRelated Policy
Non-specific General Medical Advice Form (doc - 62kb) Health Care Needs
Acquired Brain Injury Medical Advice Form for a student with an acquired brain injury (doc - 107.5kb) Acquired Brain Injury
Cancer Medical Advice Form for a student with cancer (doc - 87.5kb) Cancer
Cystic Fibrosis Medical Advice Form for a student with cystic fibrosis (doc - 80.5kb) Cystic Fibrosis
Diabetes Medical Advice Form for a student with diabetes Diabetes
Epilepsy See: Epilepsy Management Plans Epilepsy and Seizures

Personal care advice

This table describes forms that provide descriptions of a student’s personal care requirements.

Personal Care Medical Advice Form for a student who requires
support for
Completed by a medical/health practitioner such as a
continence (doc - 77.5kb)continence specialist. See: Continence Care.
oral eating and drinking (docx - 40.94kb)speech pathologist. Note: The completed form may also describe the related first aid requirements. See: Supervision of Eating and Drinking.
transfer and positioning ​ (doc - 126kb)physiotherapist. See: Transfers and Positioning.

Other forms

Many schools have developed their own forms to assist student health support planning.  These schools can continue to use their forms as long as they contain the information provided in the forms above.

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