Portable First Aid Kits

Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools provide first aid support where required.

Prerequisite policy

See: Major First Aid Kits


Schools must maintain portable first aid kits for:

  • excursions
  • yard duty.

Identifying requirements

The Department's First Aid and Infection Control Procedures and licensed first aid training providers can assist schools to decide:

  • how many first aid kits they need
  • where they should be located
  • the contents of the kits.

See: First Aid and Infection Control Procedures 


The contents of these kits depends on the:

  • number of students and staff
  • nature of the activities being undertaken
  • location of excursions and the activities to be undertaken.

Ambulance Victoria recommends portable first aid kits should include:

  • a first aid manual of a smaller size specialised, if possible, to the activities being undertaken, such as:
    • Emergency First Aid: A Quick Guide, available from St John Ambulance Australia
    • First aid Notes, available from Australian Red Cross
  • two pairs of single use nitrile gloves
  • sterile saline sachets or ampoules for irrigating eyes and minor wounds
  • gauze and band aids
  • a resuscitation face mask
  • if possible, a device to call for assistance such as mobile phone, cordless phone, or two way radio.

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