Acceptable use of ICT resources

This information has moved to the new Policy and Advisory Library (PAL). The content is an archive only and is no longer being maintained. For accurate advice visit PAL.

Purpose of this policy

To ensure users of Department ICT resources comply with the Department's acceptable use policy.


Principals should ensure anyone using computers, internet or email facilities are aware of the Acceptable Use of ICT Resources policy.

Individuals must comply with the policy.


Principals should:

  • provide school based users with a copy of the policy or a link to the HRWeb site, see: Acceptable Use Policy for ICT Resources

  • provide regular reminders of the need for policy compliance, and advise when the policy is updated.

Policy compliance

Policy compliance will increase:

  • confidentiality, by protecting sensitive information from unauthorised disclosure or intelligible interception
  • integrity, by safeguarding the accuracy and completeness of information and computer software
  • availability, by ensuring information and vital services are available to users when required.

Policy template for schools

A downloadable policy template for Victorian government schools is available on the Department's intranet at: Digital Technologies ((Internet, Social Media and Digital Devices)Schools can modify the template to suit their local circumstances

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