Internet Services

Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools meet Department requirements when using online services.


Schools must abide by the:

  • Acceptable Use of ICT Resources policy
  • internet safety provisions in Internet Usage Guidelines for Schools.

See:  Department resources

Internet Service Provider

eduSTAR.ISP is:

  • a centralised ISP service provided to all Victorian government schools as part of the Department’s Schools Technology Architecture and Resources (eduSTAR) Program
  • managed by the Department’s Information Technology Division
  • currently provided by Netspace.

See:  Department resources  


eduMail is:

  • the Department electronic mail service
  • the main communication tool used by Department
  • delivered to users via:
  • available 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

eduMail accounts are:

  • automatically created and removed based on the staff information in eduPay, the Department Human Resource Management System
  • automatically emailed to the school account once created, where the principal can access the information and distribute the accounts to the relevant individuals 
  • used by school based staff to keep informed about:
    • Department communications
    • school and regional operational activities.

eduMail account management

Staff can access their eduMail account via the internet to:

  • set an eduMail password secret question and answer
  • change an eduMail password
  • update job title, eduMail display name or email address
  • update phone numbers through the eduPay Employee Self Service



  • is an online electronic library of the Department’s publications
  • is available via eduGate using an eduMail username and password
  • provides staff in schools with access to the Department’s key information including publications, policies, guidelines, circulars.

Video conferencing


  • allows collaboration between students and staff otherwise not possible due to distance, time or communication costs
  • uses standardised Polycom Conferencing Equipment approved by the Department’s Enterprise Architecture Board.

Note: Bandwidth improvements to Victorian schools have:

  • made IP-based videoconferencing a more valuable collaboration tool
  • improved the opportunity for this technology to enhance curriculum outcomes.

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