Emergency Management Planning

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure the safety of all staff, students and school visitors in the event of an emergency situation.


Schools must have a current Emergency Management Plan (EMP) that contains a risk assessment that addresses hazards and potential threats to the school and which covers the four components of preparedness, prevention, response and recovery.

Schools must:

  • ensure that staff, students and the school community have a clear understanding of the EMP and its procedures
  • ensure that staff, students and the school community are trained so that they know what they are required to do during an emergency
  • test emergency arrangements at regular intervals to ensure that procedures work and everyone learns emergency protocols see: Testing Emergency Procedures.

The emergency management plan must:

  • be completed by government schools using the online EMP
  • describe actions to take before, during and after an emergency to ensure the ongoing safety of staff, students and others
  • cover all circumstances when the school is responsible for student safety, such as school excursions to ensure staff and student safety and that students are supervised at all times
  • be reviewed annually and/or following an emergency or crisis.

Schools may seek advice from local emergency service providers and local councils where available to inform the content of their EMP.

To assist schools and early childhood services the Emergency Management Division has developed:

  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Guide to developing your Emergency Management Plan
  • Sample plans
  • Tutorials

For these documents and information on how to access the online EMP, see: Emergency Management Planning

Note: For school council approved excursion notification requirements see: Emergency and Risk Management

Note:  To support effective emergency planning, particularly in the case any bushfire emergencies, schools should:

  • provide local government with a copy of their plan to assist overall coordination and integration with local emergency arrangements
  • ensure that staff, students and parents are informed of and understand school arrangements in advance of any bushfire emergency.

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  • Emergency Management Act 1986
  • Emergency Management Act 2013

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