Naming a Campus

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Purpose of this policy

To inform schools how to name or rename a campus.


Campus names should reflect their geographic location to minimise confusion between campuses. Schools must workshop potential campus names with either the schools leadership teem or the school council.

Schools are required to consider indigenous names and provide evidence that they have consulted with Traditional Owners. Consultation can involve seeking support for potential shortlisted names and/or advice on potential names.

Schools may choose to name their campuses using:

  • street names
  • suburb names
  • names that are of significance to the school community.

In the circumstance where a school wants to change a campus name or names, but the official school name is not changing, the school must contact the School Operations and Governance Unit (SOGU) in the first instance to discuss campus naming requirements. The process following this is that:

  • the school discusses the naming option that meets the requirements as advised by SOGU, and then proposes the campus name change/s
  • the principal seeks written endorsement from the Regional Director for the proposed name change/s providing evidence that indigenous names were considered and consultation occured with Traditional Owners
  • the Regional Director forwards the campus name change request along with their endorsement to SOGU by email:

Final approval for campus names is granted by the Minister for Education.

On receipt of the Minister's approval SOGU will notify the school, the Registrar of Geographic Names and the Data Collection and Services Branch.

The Data Collection and Services Branch, Performance and Evaluation Division:

  • updates the Entity Register Search (ERS)
  • notifies key personnel by email.

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