Conducting Research

Purpose of this policy

To ensure appropriate approval is obtained to conduct research.


The Department must approve all proposals by external researchers to conduct research in schools before researchers approach the site (except for specific research types below that only require principal approval).

The researcher must provide the principal with a copy of the Department’s letter of approval before commencing data collection.

Principals or Regional Network Leaders can directly approve proposals to conduct research where the research is to be conducted by:

  • a member of staff or a member of the parent community of a school enrolled in an undergraduate or post-graduate diploma program where the research is confined to that school
  • students enrolled in Bastow Institute leadership courses: Masters in School Leadership (MSL) (Monash); and Master of School Leadership(Melbourne)
  • studies undertaken by primary and secondary students within their own or neighbouring schools (Note: the principal of each school must provide approval).

Note: This policy also applies to early childhood settings.

Important:  In all cases the principal (or in the case of an early childhood setting - the director) has the final authority to allow research being conducted at the site.

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Department resources

For information on the how to request approval to conduct research, including guidelines, application form and checklist, see the Department's webpage: Conduct Research