State Schools' Relief

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​​Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools and students use and support State Schools’ Relief (SSR).


SSR is an autonomous, charitable organisation that assists students experiencing short term crisis and long term chronic needs attending government schools in Victoria with school clothing, footwear, textbooks and other essential items.

SSR is supported by the Department and comprises representatives of the principals’ associations, school council organisations, teacher unions and the Department.

See: Developing and Reviewing Dress Codes

Requests for assistance

The Victorian Government has provided additional funding for 2015 - 2018 to enable SSR to extend their school uniform distribution program to meet growing demand.

The principal acts as a representative of the SSR and uses his/her professional judgment to decide on the appropriateness of individual requests for assistance.

The principal then applies to SSR on behalf of the student, using the SSR online application portal, see: State Schools Relief - Schools

School clothing and footwear assistance may be provided from the SSR’s own supply or through an authorisation to the school clothing shop or local supplier.

Schools must be registered to use the SSR online application portal. Schools not already registered should call SSR on (03) 8769 8400.

Requests for assistance made directly to SSR are referred back to the school for processing.

For further information, see: State Schools' Relief


Government schools are encouraged to support the work of SSR by participating in fundraising activities with their students.

Donations can also be made directly by Department employees through Payroll Giving.  For more information, see: State Schools Relief - Payroll Giving

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