Emergency Management and Security Services Support

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Purpose of this policy

To ensure schools are aware of the support available to them in managing emergencies and incidents.


Schools must lodge an IRIS report when an emergency or incident impacts the school and seek appropriate support in their management.


An emergency is the actual or imminent occurrence of an event which in any way:

  • endangers or threatens to endanger:
    • the safety or health of any person
    • the environment or an element of the environment
  • destroys or damages, or threatens to destroy or damage, any property.

Security and Emergency Management Division role

The Security and Emergency Management Division (SEMD) comprises the Preparedness Risk and Resilience Unit (PRRU), Capability and Response Unit (CRU) and Student Incident and Recovery Unit (SIRU) and the Security Services Unit (SSU).

The functions of SEMD include:

  • developing and implementing emergency management policy to enable regions, schools and early childhood services (including Out of School Hours Care – OSHC) ​to plan for and respond to emergencies, including bushfires, floods and pandemics
  • providing information, training and tools to enable regions, schools and early childhood services to prepare for and respond effectively to emergencies
  • coordinating centralised response support whenever the scale of the emergency requires it
  • disseminating up-to-date information about an emergency incident to regional emergency management contacts for communication to schools, early childhood services and the broader community, and to the Higher Education and Skills Group for distribution to their providers

The function of SIRU is to respond to a range of incidents that may occur in Victorian government schools, including but not limited to:

  • loss of life
  • sexual assault
  • mental health and traumatic events
  • serious criminal activity.

Schools can contact SIRU during business hours, with after hours assistance available for urgent matters.

Security Services Unit role

The Security Services Unit (SSU) operates a 24/7 communication centre and utilises an Incident Reporting Information System (IRIS) to enable schools to meet their mandatory reporting responsibilities in an emergency, or during a crisis. 

Telephone:     1800 126 126

The Security Services Unit  monitors and responds to schools intruder detection systems and is  responsible for: 

  • providing security risk management advice
  • developing state-wide security management policy
  • providing security management services to schools including alarm installation and maintenance services
  • co-ordinate support from specialist agencies such as the Victoria Police Community Consultation and Crime Prevention Office, in relation to security management.

Regional emergency management support role

A dedicated officer in each region is responsible for:

  • providing advice on the development of an emergency management plan
  • assisting schools affected by emergencies with advice and support
  • facilitating the provision of regional resources to work with affected staff and students
  • coordinating regional response support, dependent on the scale of the emergency.

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  • Emergency Management Act 1986
  • Emergency Management Act 2013

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