Travel for School Staff

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Travel is a key enabler for the Department to discharge its core functions and to advance the Government's objectives in delivering a world-class education system.

The Department is committed to ensuring students develop the skills and intercultural capabilities needed to succeed in an increasingly globalised world and become active, global citizens.

Travel enables our staff, teachers and principals to share knowledge, learn from best practice, establish strategic partnerships and develop intercultural insights to support student learning.

Travel is also important for promoting Victoria’s quality education to other jurisdictions, to support the growth of International education as one of the State’s largest export sectors.

At the same time, the Department notes that the people of Victoria expect the public sector to act with integrity, accountability, ethics and transparency in performing all aspects of its varied roles, including when staff undertake official travel.


School staff must comply with the Department’s Travel Policy and Rules of Use - School-based staff when organising travel for work purposes, see:

The School Staff Travel Applications homepage will also direct you to key links and information to help in completing your travel application. Use the left-hand navigation pane on the homepage to access the School Travel Application Form.

Note: the Travel Policy aligns with the Victorian Government Travel Policy, which takes precedence over this document should inconsistencies arise.

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