Proactively supporting wellbeing during change

Services and resources to support teacher mental health and wellbeing during times of change

It can be challenging to process and manage the changes to routines and restrictions, and the general uncertainty that comes with COVID-19.

Proactively accessing the available mental health supports and encouraging colleagues to do the same is important to support wellbeing, particularly during times of change.

Check-in with yourself

It’s common to experience mood changes or to have difficultly functioning and during changes to daily routines.

It is good to remember these responses are normal. Moods can improve quickly if we pay attention to ourselves. It can be helpful to check-in with yourself to notice the small changes in mood, behaviour and emotions to put in place some helpful strategies. 

If noticing changes, reconnecting with things to help stay balanced and grounded can help improve mood, motivation and resilience. This might include reconnecting with people, talking through feelings, exercising, resting or taking some time for important things.

Have regular wellbeing conversations

Having regular wellbeing conversations with colleagues or managers can make a difference in processing and dealing with different responses and emotions. Peers can provide a great source of support.

For guidance on having wellbeing conversations with peers, refer to:

Access formal supports when you need it

For further support, access the free, confidential counselling available 24 hours, seven days a week through the Employee Assistance Program for Department staff, school council employees and their immediate family (aged 18 years and over).

To book, call 1300 361 008 or use the live chat function on the Lifeworks Australia website.

Find time for self-care and accessing available supports

The Department's virtual gym is a great way to make time for physical fitness, with free videos covering a range of workouts including yoga, cardio, dance, stretch, meditation and more as well as healthy recipes and other information.

Recorded video highlights from past Wellbeing Webinars may also be useful at this time. Some of the topics available include:

  • resilience in times of uncertainty
  • managing anxiety through COVID-19
  • recharging your batteries: a compassionate approach to self-care.

Practicing mindfulness is another way to help reduce stress and increase focus. Mindfulness is a relaxation technique that involves being fully present and conscious in the moment.

Explore some of these mindfulness and meditation apps to get started:

Stay up to date with current information

To help feel more prepared and in control, stay up to date and familiar with the health and safety strategies that apply in schools by:

Remember to discuss any health and safety concerns with the principal or Health and Safety Representative, and continue to report any risks, hazards or incidents in eduSafe Plus.

Find out more

For further information on the mental health and wellbeing supports available, refer to the COVID-19 Employee health, safety and wellbeing supports for schools page on the Policy and Advisory Library.