Using NAPLAN and assessment data to inform teaching

The start of the year is a good time to consider using student assessment data, such as National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) results, to inform 2020 learning plans

Recent NAPLAN data has highlighted the hard work of Victorian teachers in improving their students' reading and numeracy abilities, particularly in Years 3 and 7.

As you begin your planning this year, consider how you might be able to use assessment data and other information held by your school for the students you will teach this year. As well as NAPLAN data, consider reviewing results from On-Demand assessments, assessments from the Insight Assessment Platform, teacher-developed assessments and any third party assessments your school may use. You might also review student work samples and portfolios of work, as well as previous school reports and other records.

There are people at the school who can help you collate and review this information, including literacy and numeracy leaders and other teaching specialists.

Use the collated assessment data and information to identify the current levels of achievement for the students you will teach this year, and consider how you will:

  • support students' agency and voice when developing learning plans — Amplify may be a useful guide
  • discuss and share your plans with your school's literacy and numeracy leaders, teaching specialists, and other teaching teams. Use their feedback to refine your learning plans.


The following resources may be helpful: