Explore literacy education in secondary school

​The Literacy Teaching Toolkit has expanded to include Levels 7 to 10, helping teachers support literacy in all curriculum areas

Each subject has its own distinctive language and literacy demands.

Teachers who can incorporate the literacy of their subject areas into their day-to-day teaching enable students to become independent and successful learners and improve student knowledge and learning outcomes across discipline areas.

To support teachers to build this knowledge in their own practice and pass the value on to their students, the Department has expanded the Literacy Teaching Toolkit for Victorian Curriculum Levels 7 to 10 with the first discipline-specific content.

Take the time to discuss the toolkit with your colleagues and think about how it can be used to:

  • develop school-wide literacy planning
  • embed literacy within all curriculum areas
  • enhance content knowledge and teaching practices.

You can explore Literacy in the Science curriculum today, with more content for the Arts, English, Health and Physical Education, Humanities, Mathematics and Technologies to be added over the coming months.

Explore literacy in the Science curriculum
The latest instalment of the Literacy Teaching Toolkit Levels 7-10

Access the rest of the Literacy Teaching Toolkit and keep an eye out as more content is added to the Levels 7-10.