Introducing the Mathematics Teaching Toolkit

The toolkit is a suite of resources to support teaching and learning from birth to Level 10

The Birth to Year 10 Mathematics Teaching Toolkit is available on the Numeracy Portal.

The toolkit includes resources aligned to Victorian curriculum frameworks, the latest research and self-paced professional learning opportunities linked to the Department's priorities and initiatives.

About the toolkit

The toolkit brings together new and existing numeracy and mathematics resources and supports in an easy to access format. The toolkit is split into three key elements:

  • numeracy for all learners
  • mathematics teaching resources and supports
  • maths and numeracy at home.

Each section includes multimodal resources, activities and supports to help teachers develop quality teaching and learning plans leading to improved student outcomes.

Using the toolkit you will be connected to:

  • big ideas and concepts underlying mathematics directly linked to Victorian curriculum frameworks (Victorian Early Years Development Framework (VEYLDF) and Victorian Curriculum F - 10) 
  • practical advice and examples of high-impact teaching practices that support improved student knowledge and understanding in numeracy and mathematics
  • advice and guidance on curriculum planning
  • practical, adaptable and rigorous content to apply to your teaching and learning contexts
  • carefully curated online learning and teaching resources
  • short video clips that illustrate effective teaching practice in authentic learning contexts
  • current and relevant professional learning opportunities.

Benefits of using the toolkit in your practice

The toolkit is designed to:

  • strengthen numeracy and mathematics teaching and learning programs for your students
  • support self-reflection and professional learning in your quest to become the best teacher you can be
  • develop school-wide numeracy plans that incorporate numeracy across the curriculum
  • personalise learning experiences in mathematics and numeracy for students in your classes.

The toolkit also recognises the key role of parents and families in supporting positive learning experiences. You can find resources and advice to support parents to continue numeracy and mathematics learning at home.

Linking practice to the Framework for Improving Student Outcomes (FISO)

The toolkit supports schools and teachers to develop alongside the FISO priority area of excellence in teaching and learning. It provides guidance on the four dimensions within this priority:

  • evidence-based high impact teaching strategies
  • building practice excellence
  • curriculum planning and assessment
  • evaluating impact on learning.

Explore the mathematics teaching toolkit

Explore all that the Mathematics Teaching Toolkit has to offer and discover ways to enhance your teaching and provide meaningful and positive learning experiences in numeracy and mathematics for your students.

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