Transforming the First Years of the Teaching Career

A new approach to supporting graduate teachers

Next year, graduate teachers will have the opportunity to participate in an improved induction and mentoring scheme.

Under the Excellence in Teacher Education program, the Transforming the First Years of the Teaching Career pilot will support up to 700 graduates in their first years as a teacher.

The scheme will be piloted in select primary schools in:

  • North Eastern Melbourne
  • Western Melbourne
  • Inner Gippsland

The pilot will run until 2023 as a structured two-year induction program. The first cohort of graduate teachers will commence at the start of the 2021 school year, with the working components of the pilot developed and refined in 2020.

Support for graduate teachers will include:

  • utilising a mentor and classroom cover, resulting in more time to focus on their professional development and work with their mentor
  • expanding the Graduate Teacher Conferences to include second-year graduate teachers, providing opportunities to develop support networks and learn from other teachers
  • helping rural and remote graduate teachers build links and networks with other local teachers and the wider community
  • providing new and specialised professional development
  • assisting schools in improving their induction and mentoring programs for graduate teachers.

Ten new leading teachers will be placed in pilot areas to assist with the implementation of the program and work directly with schools and teachers, establishing cross-school alliances to support the professional learning of mentor and graduate teachers.

The Transforming the First Years of the Teaching Career pilot is part of the $73.4 million investment in graduate teacher support, helping graduate teachers become lifelong learners in the profession.

For further information, email Graduate Induction.