Prep bags competition winner announced

Winning bag design brings elements of Australia to Prep students

Prep children will be welcomed into their first day of school with a design incorporating the best parts of Australia – diversity and Vegemite.

Ana Livia Maiorino, 19, created the winning design of this year's Prep bag design competition. It will be printed onto 65,000 Prep bags and delivered to Victorian government schools at the start of Term 1, 2020.

Ana arrived in Melbourne at the age of 13. Born in Brazil to Italian parents, she learnt English, her third language, while in Grade 6 at St. Catherine's Primary School.

'Australia is the country for me. It's so different to Siena in Tuscany. I finally got to choose what I wanted to study, which is art,' Ana said.

'I wanted the design to be appealing to Preps, so they can relate to it. I also wanted it to be cute and have lots of shapes.'

Ana's design used different hairstyles to show Australia's diverse cultures. She also tried to imitate a Prep student's style of drawing.

She hopes Prep students will be excited about her design and help them 'face the start of school'.

'First day of Prep is scary,' Ana said.

'You lose security going into school and being away from your parents.

'I want the design to help students feel at home and feel connected to each other. They will have the same bag so they will feel like they belong.'

Ana is studying a Bachelor of Design at Melbourne University. Part of her prize for the competition was the opportunity to spend time with professional graphic designers and gain insight into design work at the Department.

'Ana was thrown in the deep end and rose to the challenge by producing several designs throughout the day,' Daisy, a senior graphic designer in the Communications Division, said.

'It was good to be in an actual space where designers are working,' Ana reflected.

'It was great to talk to Daisy about what to expect in a day to day. I felt like I belonged. While I was working I tried to imagine myself doing this for the rest of my life. I think it would be a good job to design all day.'

Ana will use her other prize, an Apple iPad, to enhance her design skills.

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