Using NAPLAN and assessment data to inform learning plans

How literacy and numeracy leaders can support teachers as they develop learning plans for this school year

Literacy and numeracy leaders play a key role in helping teachers in their schools develop learning plans that ensure every student can develop their literacy and numeracy skills across curriculum areas.

Recent National Assessment Program – Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) data highlighted the hard work of Victorian teachers in improving their students' reading and numeracy abilities. This was particularly evident in Years 3 and 7.

Learning plans should support students with literacy and numeracy difficulties to access the curriculum on the same basis as other students. They should also give students with well-developed literacy and numeracy skills opportunities to build on and further develop these skills.

The first step to helping teachers develop learning plans is to work with school leaders to assist teachers to review NAPLAN and other data held by the school in a way that will inform their learning plans.

Consider forming cross-curricular teams of teachers, leaders and specialists to review assessment data and other information and to co-design learning plans.

Help teachers to:

  • collate and use assessment data to identify the current levels of achievement for the students they will teach this year. Identify students that require support or are high-performing, such as those who have achieved results in the top bands of NAPLAN
  • map student learning projections. Teachers should ensure that learning challenges student proficiencies and supports ongoing growth.
  • consider how to track the learning progress of students – what type of evidence will they collect? The Victorian Curriculum and Assessment Authority (VCAA)'s Guide to Formative Assessment Rubrics may be useful.
  • think about assessment tools and processes and how they will use these in an assessment plan
  • consider student agency and voice when developing learning plans. Amplify may be a useful guide.
  • discuss and use feedback to refine their learning plans.


There are resources available to further support teachers and students in the classroom.