Opportunities to lead school improvement

Find out about opportunities to become a Leadership Partner in 2020, and how teacher Brooke Burnett is supporting schools as a leadership partner

The Differentiated Support for School Improvement (DSSI) program began in 2018 and in that time over 60 teachers have been recruited as Leadership Partners and Teaching Partners to support multiple schools and build the capacity of their leaders and teachers. The program is now recruiting teachers for 2020.

Make a move into school improvement

South-West Victorian Region (SWVR) is currently recruiting Leadership Partners to support the 2020 intake of schools into DSSI, and all Victorian regions will be recruiting Regional Leading Teacher positions throughout the year as vacancies arise.

Positions are advertised on the Expression of Interest portal. If you are interested in applying for a position, speak to the Senior School Improvement Practice Lead in your region.

A day in the life of a leadership partner

Brooke Burnett has worked in her role as a Leadership Partner for two years in the South West Victoria Region. She reflects on how this role has helped her to better understand school leadership as she helped principals meet the goals of their Annual Implementation Plans (AIPs).

Working with school leaders to identify their goals and the opportunities that exist to achieve them, Brooke has also helped build the confidence of middle leaders to continue this work.

'A typical day could be meeting with the principal team to reflect on and plan for our current focus within the AIP,' said Brooke.

'And some days include attending and co-creating planning sessions, professional practice days, curriculum days and professional learning community meetings.'

'But the best thing about the Leadership Partners is facilitating leadership meetings and one to one coaching sessions with leaders.'

'By coaching these leaders we empower them to empower teachers who then empower their students. It is very rewarding seeing your work with middle leaders having a positive impact on student learning.'

The steps to creating change

Being a part of the DSSI program gave Brooke the chance to build her knowledge and skills in partnering, school improvement, and school culture and system priorities through targeted professional learning.

'We had the opportunity to undertake our GROWTH Coaching Accreditation, which has improved my knowledge and skills in coaching and supporting teacher and leader growth and development,' explained Brooke.

As a Leadership Partner, Brooke also had the chance to work alongside teaching partners who work directly with teachers and school leaders to change classroom practices.

'Working closely with the Teaching Partners ensures our practices are informed by evidence-based teaching and learning strategies.'