Insight Assessment Platform update

Enhancements to the Insight Assessment Platform

Teachers using English Online Interview (EOI) and Mathematics Online Interview (MOI) on the Insight Assessment Platform (Insight) should be aware of some minor changes to both instruments in 2020.

English Online Interview (EOI)

All modules of the EOI were psychometrically reviewed in 2019. This has resulted in minor changes to some item scores. Minor changes have also been made to the EOI to DATE report and the raw score to scale score conversions.

There have been no changes to any item content on EOI.

The results from the 2020 EOI allow valid comparisons to be made with results obtained from EOI in previous years.

Mathematics Online Interview (MOI)

Changes have been made to the look and feel of the MOI. This will make it clearer to teachers which items require responses, to be entered at any given time.

Some items will be greyed out until a response is selected to a previous item. MOI will then direct teachers to the next item requiring a response. Some on-screen instructions that direct users to the next item requiring a response have been removed, as MOI will direct users according to their previous responses.

Teachers will still be able to change responses to previous items. MOI will then direct them to any subsequent items requiring responses as a result of any changes made.

These changes will:

  • direct users towards the correct branching pathways
  • result in more accurate growth point calculations
  • prevent conflicts in responses
  • reduce on-screen clutter.

No changes have been made to the branching or growth point calculation algorithms.

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