Recognition of Bastow Professional Learning

Find out which universities offer credits and professional credentials to graduates of some courses at Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership

Have you done any professional learning at Bastow Institute of Educational Leadership?

If you answered yes, you could be eligible to receive credits and professional credentials towards postgraduate study.

Several prominent Australian universities have formally recognised the excellence of Bastow's programs in context, content and process.

Charles Sturt University, the University of Melbourne and Deakin University are partnering with Bastow to offer postgraduate subject credits or professional credentials to graduates of some of Bastow's flagship courses.

Master's degrees

If you have been considering pursuing a Master of Education, both Charles Sturt University and University of Melbourne's Graduate School of Education offer subject credit points towards a Master of Education for specific Bastow courses. 

Charles Sturt University offers free subject credits to graduates of a range of Bastow professional learning, which are applicable towards its Master of Education and Master of International Education (School Leadership).

On successful completion of Bastow's Building Global Citizenship, the University of Melbourne offers subject credits towards its Master of Education (costs may apply). 

Additionally, Deakin University will apply credits for certain Bastow programs towards either a Master of Leadership or a Graduate Certificate of Leadership.

These free or discounted subject credits can save you a significant amount of time and money – and you may already be eligible.

Professional Practice credentials

Deakin University is further offering discounted rates for a range of Professional Practice credentials to graduates of Bastow's Impact: Emerging Leaders and Create: Middle Leaders programs.

Professional practice credentials are a great way to help your resume stand out in a competitive field. Deakin has customised two clusters of credentials specifically for Bastow graduates: a Leading with influence cluster and a Leadership cluster. Reduced costs apply for either cluster, or you can undertake credentials individually.

Find out more about eligible Bastow courses
Certain courses are eligible for credits or credentials towards postgraduate qualifications