On-demand presentations

Explore the Victorian Deaf Education Institute's catalogue of on-demand presentations to support inclusive teaching practice

The Victorian Deaf Education Institute (VDEI) designs and delivers a Professional Learning Program for educators.

As part of the program, VDEI offers a range of on-demand presentations featuring national and international presenters.

On-demand presentations are an opportunity for professionals to engage in customised, targeted learning either individually or as part of their professional learning communities. 

Presentations can be accessed for four weeks. This allows participants to engage with learning at a time that suits them.

On-demand presentation topics

Presentations cover topics relevant to inclusive education, including:

  • literacy development
  • auditory processing disorders
  • social capital and adolescents with hearing loss
  • person-centred planning
  • theory of mind and deafness
  • multi-sensory impairments
  • post-school transition
  • autism spectrum disorder
  • school refusal.

VDEI will add to its online catalogue of on-demand presentations throughout 2020. This will allow participants to engage in current research and leading professional practice in the field.

Individuals who successfully complete an on-demand presentation will receive a certificate noting two hours of professional learning.

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