Engaging students in remote mathematics learning

The Maths Online web page is full of online resources that teachers can use to engage students from Prep to Year 10 in mathematics

The Maths Online web page on the FUSE website gives students access to high-quality online mathematics resources.

The resources are tailored to help teachers engage their students in mathematics during remote and flexible learning, either during regular class time or for homework.

Maths Online is part of the FUSE website, a portal that consolidates a range of online education resources and digital tools for teachers as well as all students, from early childhood to secondary school. 

Resources on the Maths Online web page include:

  • Top Ten remote learning resources for Prep to Grade 6. For each year level, there is a series of sequenced lessons that include an instructional PowerPoint, video that models the learning in a clear and concise way, and templates to support the learner.
  • Maths300 activities, reformatted for remote and flexible learning. These activities can be used across multiple levels and strands.
  • RIME activities designed for remote and flexible learning. Reformatted for the remote learning environment, these activities are drawn from the Reality in Maths Education (RIME) resources and cover multiple levels within the mathematics curriculum.

Maths Online also has resources to support the teaching of the proficiencies of the mathematics curriculum.

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