Guidance on encouraging student attendance

How schools can support student attendance with the return of on-site learning

Advice for schools on supporting students as they return to on-site learning is now available.

Teachers can use the Department's Term 4 student attendance guidance to help support whole-school efforts to promote attendance.

The guidance reiterates the important role that teachers play in helping students to understand the importance of attendance, motivating them to attend by providing an engaging learning environment and establishing strong relationships with their students.

The guidance includes links to resources teachers can use to help them support student attendance, and recommends using a tiered approach.

Tier one: universal support

The first tier to supporting student attendance is universal support. This includes welcoming every student back to on-site learning, promoting that every day at school counts, and using assessments to understand and respond to learning needs.

Tier two: targeted support

The second tier is targeted support using data to monitor attendance, providing extra learning support where needed. This will allow for monitoring of priority cohorts, using mental health and wellbeing supports and engaging with parents and carers about recurring absences as early as possible.

The guidance states that when teachers follow up on student absences, it is likely to have a bigger impact on attendance than an automated message or routine call from administrative staff. Teachers are most likely to be successful in improving attendance when they reach out to families in an encouraging and constructive way.

Tier three: intensive support

The third tier, intensive support, covers identifying students who miss too much school and the reasons for this, and developing individual plans to improve attendance.

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